FullerData - Development


  • Spider Lander DX - Lunar Rescue / Lander style game written using Monogame/C#, available on Steam. 
  • Fortune Cookie - REST service using C# and .NET Core deployed to Azure
  • FireDX2 - Pixel-based old-school fire effect. Originally DirectX/C++, then MDX/C#, now MonoGame/C#  (Source)
  • FireDX3 - Another ok attempt at fire, this time using particles based on a XNA sample with MonoGame/C# (Source)
  • Raster bar - A little vertically scrolling raster line style graphic to look like the old Atari horizontal interrupt colours using MonoGame/C#
  • PJPaint - a little floodfill colouring book from 2003 using C# / WinForms
  • English Squares - a turn-based Napoleonic strategy game from 2003 using C# / WinForms