FullerData - Where Is Our Tea?

A collection of content and links that be useful or funny for Brits living in the colonies.  Starting with the important stuff of where you might find those essential food items such as Bacon crisps, Twiglets, proper sausages (with more filler!), back bacon and of course proper sweets!   Like most other things these days, sites like Amazon do a good job with a lot of this stuff too. 

  • Best Tea - Waffle House. Royal Cup Hot Tea.  Yorkshire tea is, loose leaf if you want to get fancy. 
  • Best Fish n Chips - Cracker Barrel and especially on Fish Friday.  Parkers will send you their excellent fish and chips frozen. Most restaurants are a disappointment. 
  • Sausages/Meats - Parkers has fantastic sausages including linconshire and cumberland, even some black pudding!  RJ Balson also does some excellent sausages and good back-bacon (none of that pitiful streaky stuff).
  • Crisps / Sweets - There's lots of sites, but it's got easier to get most things locally (at least in Virginia) and Amazon is the easiest option (including hard to find stuff).  For folks in Richmond, VA, For the Love of Chocolate is a good local bet. 



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